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About Brand


Evge­ny Zubkov is a young artist and graph­ic design­er who became famous for his art project about the par­al­lel post-Sovi­et real­i­ty in the cyber­punk set­ting. In these works, images of hyper­tro­phied tech­nolo­gies con­trast with provin­cial Rus­sia, the scenery of which seems to be stuck out of time. Real­ism, visu­al dis­so­nance, lots of details and east­er eggs cre­ate a dis­tinct aes­thet­ic that quick­ly gained viral pop­u­lar­i­ty and led to col­lab­o­ra­tions with top brands.

In addi­tion to cyber­punk, the artist is exper­i­ment­ing in many oth­er direc­tions. An exam­ple is the project “North­ern Spi­der” about an alter­na­tive “spi­der-man” in Siber­ian real­i­ties, which also quick­ly gained fame. And also a series of works “Russ­ian Fairy Tales”, which is a mod­ern rethink­ing of char­ac­ters from Russ­ian folk­lore and Slav­ic mythol­o­gy. Dur­ing the design of the project, the author’s let­ter­ing style was devel­oped in the spir­it of Russ­ian lig­a­ture, which even­tu­al­ly became an inde­pen­dent direc­tion in the author’s work.

Zubkov Store is the artist’s first offi­cial store. Only here you can pur­chase his work in phys­i­cal form, there­by sup­port­ing the author. There are posters of dif­fer­ent for­mats, mugs, badges, pins, patch­es and much more on sale. And also clothes with unique prints and embroideries.